There are many benefits to metal roofing, but it can be overwhelming to sort through the different types of metal you can select. When deciding on a metal roofing type, there are many factors to consider, including appearance, durability, weight, and cost. We’ll give you a quick overview of the general costs you can expect with each type of metal roofing to get you started, but keep in mind that materials costs will largely depend on the thickness of the metal chosen, and the final design implemented on your roof.


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Zinc Roofing Options and Costs

One of the most popular types of metal roofs, zinc roofing is extremely long-lasting (even up to 100 years), and is generally low-maintenance. Zinc roofing forms a stylish natural patina over time; this patina even helps protect the surface of the metal and can restore itself if scratched.


Zinc roofing’s many benefits are reflected in its price. It is not unreasonable to expect that Zinc roofing could cost anywhere from £10-£20 per square foot, not including costs of labour. Of course, the ultimate cost of the roofing will depend on several specifics – always consult with your roofer for a free quote before to make sure you know what to expect. If you opt for a high-cost roof type, such as Zinc roofing, make sure to take the lifespan of the roof into account. Zinc roofing can be a big investment upfront, but is low cost over its whole lifespan of up to a century.


Copper Roofing Costs and Options

One of the lightest-weight metal roofing types, Copper roofing is distinct for its naturally-occurring light green patina. You can also find treated copper roofing that will not patinate over time if you’d prefer it to keep its original colour over time.


With its unique appearance and the general price of copper on the rise, copper roofing tends to be one of the more expensive metal roofing types. Expect copper roofing to range anywhere from around £10 to over £20 per square foot.


Costs and Types of Aluminium Roofing


Aluminium roofing holds up against corrosion, making it an especially smart choice in coastal areas (like our own home area in North West England). Aluminium roofing also comes in a wide variety of finishes and is quite durable during construction projects. Fortunately, aluminium roof costs are low when compared to the costs associated with other metal roofing types. Aluminium can range from £4-£8 per square foot, although of course, the ultimate cost will depend on the thickness, finish, and specifics of the roofing material you choose.


Cost of Installing Stainless Steel Roofing


Stainless steel roofs are incredibly strong and durable. They also hold up very well against corrosion and don’t form a patina, so remain relatively unchanged even over decades. The hardiness of stainless steel roofing is somewhat matched in its price – expect Stainless steel costs to be comparable to aluminium roofing, at about £4-£8 per square foot. 


GreenCoat Eco Roofing Overview and Costs


GreenCoat Eco Roofing is a colour-coated steel roofing designed specifically for use in roofing and facade work – it is even treated with zinc anti-corrosion layering. As a material designed specifically for use in roofing, GreenCoat holds up against UV exposure, corrosion, and even surface scratches. The final cost of this type of roofing can vary widely, since many types are available, but expect this material to fall in the middle ranges for metal roofing – it won’t generally be quite as expensive as copper or zinc, but offers many premium benefits that will be reflected in its price per square foot.


Choosing Between the Types of Metal Roofs


If you’re stuck trying to decide what type of metal roofing to choose, make sure to consider the style of your building, the weight your structure can hold, the look you would prefer for your finished roof, the demands placed on your roof by the climate, and, of course, your project budget. 

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